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“My sex drive, sleep disorder, weight gain and mood swings made me look for a treatment that could help me live the life the way I desired it. Juventee provided the solutions to all these. I was amazed to learn that simple hormone pellets were the solution to all the symptoms I suffered for years. I urge you to consider their services. Your only regret would be not having done it a lot sooner. “

Mario G.

“Im not sure who I like the most there to be honest. From the Doctor to nurse; their service is superb. My face is always glowing and feels much better after each treatment. I’ll be coming back to Juventee in a few month for sure. Loved it.”

Yessica R.

“Yes, this is THE one and only place in NJ to go for hormone replacement therapy. Robert explained the procedure with much detail. The nurses were very knowledgeable and the entire staff is extremely accommodating and friendly. This is my third time coming back for the same procedure and every time I get it; I see better and more profound results in my body and mind. Absolutely…. highly recommended.”

Jeremy K.

“I’ll get right down to the nuts and bolts. When I found Juventee and its hormone replacement therapy (HRT); I felt I had found the missing link. I’m in my 40’s and I needed to find a way to keep up with my busy and active lifestyle. After two weeks of my first treatment I started to see amazing results. I learned how amazing our body reacts when is treated with love and care… Juventee provided me with the tools to feel like in my 30’s. Truly believe in their logo “Juventee .. everlasting youth”.

Tom Mc

“ I can’t even imagine having anything less than a perfectly delicious IV experience like the ones at Juventee. Covid has made me more aware of the great importance of taking care of my body from within. After each IV that I have received; my body feels revitalized and ready for my busy day. Their IV therapies prepare you for everything that lives throws at you. From flu season to work related stress that affects your immune system. This experience is always invigorating”

Amanda H.

Bioidentical HRT

Hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, cortisol and melatonin impact your growth and development, control your mood, determine how you’ll handle stress, and influence how the body breaks down food.

The answer to reducing the symptoms of aging and stabilizing your hormone imbalance is through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). The pellets are prescription hormones that are inserted under the skin through a simple in-office procedure. Which gradually releases into your body to give it the support it needs for hormonal balance.

Neurotoxin & Fillers

If you are looking to enhance your natural features or reduce the physical signs of aging, Neurotoxin and Fillers are a safe and effective way to offer a quick and ideal solution. Enjoy the results of a more youthful and vibrant appearance without the need for surgery. Expert injectors at Juventee can administer injections safely and securely with results seen almost immediately with little to no downtime.
Benefits of Botox Fillers

Hydrate with IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy is a highly effective way to compliment and supplement your health and wellness regimen.

While you can take daily supplements and incorporate vitamin-rich nutrients into your diet, vitamin injections can bypass the liver’s metabolism where nutrients are often broken down- therefore decreasing the amount absorbed by your body. By choosing to inject vitamins directly into the bloodstream, you can ensure 100% of the nutrients are being absorbed by your body.

Our team also offers NAD+ Therapy which is known for its anti-aging properties and has been effective in promoting health and prolonging lifespan. NAD+ can help to prevent muscle deterioration, improve general body function, and overall wellness. Whether for an energy boost or digestive help, let our team create a personalized care plan for you.

14 day detox

Weight Management

Kick start your weight loss journey today!

Combining supplements and one-on-one nutritional counseling on food, sleep, exercise, and overall health choices, our team can help to achieve your wellness goals. We pay special attention to your body’s specific concerns and needs as diets are not a one size fits all approach.

Juventee, Everlasting Youth


At Juventee we propose a preventive and proactive medical approach to preserve optimal body function, with the best hormonal functioning to prolong vitality and youthfulness.

Our specialty is Age Management, which is based on the belief that balance is the key to wellness, so we employ the most innovative science, offering treatments and clinical products of proven efficacy. Living a younger, healthier, and longer life is a frequent commitment for Juventee’s team of specialists. Our focus is to create cutting-edge medical experiences to take you to your fullest potential, satisfying your physical and aesthetic needs that positively impact your emotionality.